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Rotel/Michi on display and in stock products

Mich mono_edited.png

Michi M8 Monoblocks $16,000 pr
On display

Michi Pre__edited.png

Michi P5 S2 Preamp $4,599.99
On display


Michi X3 S2 Integrated $5,799.99 
On display


Rotel RA-1592 mkII Integrated Amp $3,399.99
On display

Rotel DT-6000 CD Transport Dac $2,299.99
On display

Rotel rb1582_edited.png

Rotel RB-1582 MkII Power Amp $1,999.99
On display

Rotel RB1552_edited.png

Rotel RB-1552 MkII Power Amp $1,499.99
On display

Rotel rcd1572_edited.png

Rotel RCD-1572 MkII Cd Player $1,199.99
On display

Rotel RC1572_edited.png

Rotel RC-1572 Mk2 Preamp $1,499.99
On display

Rotel cd14_edited.png

Rotel CD14 MK2 Cd Player $999.99
On display


Rotel RMB-1555 black $2,299.99
In stock

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