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Multi-Room Audio & Video

All of your multimedia audio and video can now be controlled from a hand-held or wall-mounted keypad. Our systems allow different music and video selections to be played simultaneously or separately throughout the inside and outside of your home. Our services range from installation of small systems to advanced full home and custom arrangements.

Home Networks

The ability to share information and allow computers to communicate with each other is becoming a necessity in our technology driven society. Home networks allow computers to share files, internet connection and more. Clearview Electronics can help customize a network that is suitable for your environment.

Structured Wiring

Prepare for the future with Clearview Electronics structured wiring systems. The old style of basic wiring is no longer adequate when it comes to our rapidly advancing technology. We can prepare your home to meet the standards of future technology, allowing you to add new services as they become available without any hassles.

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Home Theater Design & Installation

Clearview Electronics offers custom home theater installations with a simplified all-in-one control system. We can provide custom cabinetry, all audio video components, acoustical treatments, automated draperies, theater seating, lighting control and more.

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Home Automation

Have the control over your entire home at your convenience, whether on your couch or on the other side of the world. Home automation includes everything from monitoring and controlling security devices to controlling lighting and appliances in your home. All of this can be done from a single device, or through your smart phone.

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