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Home Theater Design

Home theater, audio video speakers, amplifiers

Home Theater Design is just as important as selecting the proper electronics or equipment. Correct room layout and materials play a significant role in having good sound & video vs. great sound & video. Just as each home is different, each media room or theater room is different. Much like working with an interior designer, our theater designers are experienced and educated in selecting suitable materials, textures, and colors to making your personal theater “the theater of your dreams


lighting, Control4, window shades

Lighting: Automated lighting brings you the ultimate in control of the lighting environment. You can have preset lighting for different times of the day, parts of the home, or for different events. From soft morning rising, to entertaining to home theater - the lighting set up can be set to change automatically, or at the flick of a remote control. The systems can even be set up to be controlled via an iPhone or laptop.


Hi end audio, speakers, recievers, amplifiers, subwoofer

Audio/Video We have spent many years selecting the right electronics to represent in order to complete our audio / video line. Our home theater equipment selection is only top name, proven, quality based equipment. Whether you are looking for speakers, HDTVs, AV receivers, system control, projectors, media servers, power conditioners, or screens, we are your full service home theater and media room one-stop-shop for your home entertainment needs.

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